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Use your old Android phone as a GPS unit to protect your vehicles and your family!

Install this app on an Android Phone, put it in your car (or motorcycle, caravan, boat, etc.) and it will inform you if it moves from its initial position, sending you updates via email of its current location.

With this app you can:
  • Receive location updates via email
  • Receive an alarm notification on the Controller app
  • Receive a picture of the person that switched on your device
  • Control it via bluetooth
  • Control it via Internet

(Services depending on the acquired modules)

This is not a simple location tracking app, it is a real anti-theft system that will help you to find your vehicle back if it is stolen. When its service is started, app will go into Watchdog mode, keeping track of the location and, if it changes, it will switch into Alarm mode.
It can even send you a picture if the device is switched on while the app is in Alarm mode!

You can use this app standalone, or you can control it remotely using Car Position Controller, via bluetooth or via Internet. With Car Position Controller, you can start and stop the Watchdog mode, request the current location and get the updated location on the map and more.

When you start the Tracker app for the first time, you will be asked to create an account, which can be used to connect all your trackers and controllers. This is a security measure, in fact only trackers and controllers belonging to the same account can be connected.

You can even use it to control your children, checking their location and being informed if they move away.