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How does it work?

After installing Car Position Tracker, launch the app and you will be requested to login to an account.
If you don't already have one, click on the Register button and create one.

Once registered, you can configure the Settings. The most important are the Email address, which is where you will receive the alarm notifications, and the password. This password will be required to access the App again while the service is started.

Completed the Settings you are ready to go! In the main screen, just push the Start button and the App will start monitoring the location. When the service is started the App will turn into Watchdog mode and will close automatically to protect itself, you can access it again using the password specified in the Settings.

What email address should I specify in the settings?

Best option is your primary Email address, so you are sure you receive alarm emails as soon as thery are sent.
Don't use the same account used in the device running the App, because it would receive the emails as well. So the best solution is to install the App on a device with a secondary account, and send the emails to your primary.

When I installed the App it asked which account I want to use with the App.

If you have more than one GMail account on your device, you should use the same one that you used to connect to the Google Play Store and download the App. This way your Inapp purchases will always be up to date.

What happens if there is no Internet connection while in Alarm mode?

Obviously you cannot access the App remotely while there is no connection.
But don't worry, notification emails, as well as picture emails are kept safely and will be immediately sent as soon as an Internet connection is available again.

How does the Bluetooth remote control works?

As soon as you purchase the Bluetooth remote control the App will be ready to be controlled remotely by another device, using the App Car Position Controller.
In the Car Position Controller, press the Bluetooth button to see a list of already paired devices.

If the Tracker and Controller devices are not already paired, make the Tracker discoverable (please follow the device instructions), then press the Search devices button on the Controller.

When the Tracker device appears in the list, click on it to pair and connect.

How does the Internet remote control works?

If you subscribed one of the Internet management plans, you can control the Tracker device using the App Car Position Controller.

Before you are able to connect, you need to pair the two devices. There are two ways to do it:
  • manually: On the Controller, click the Add new profile button and insert the required information. The Pairing key can be found in the Settings page of the Controller.
  • via Bluetooth: You can connect to the Tracker via Bluetooth and press the Obtain pairing key button in the menu.

Please note that Internet control is possible only between devices belonging to the same account.